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Natural Release® Muscle and Joint Gel Now “Officially” for Humans!

Get Straight to the Ache! — All Natural, Fast Acting.

  • All Natural – Dead Sea Magnesium, Arnica, Eucalyptus
  • Soothes fatigued, strained, or bruised muscles and aids in the relief of joint pain.
  • Does not include menthol or any heat-inducing ingredients.
  • Non Oily, No alcohol, Coloring or Fillers.
Man with hurt knee and Natural Release Muscle and Joint

All Natural – Dead Sea Magnesium, Arnica, Eucalyptus

Natural Release® is a fast-acting muscle spray (or gel) that aids in reducing muscle and joint stress, discomfort, and inflammation. It can be used before or after physical exercise or as needed to help soothe fatigued, strained or bruised muscles and joints. It does not contain menthol or other heat-inducing ingredients.

Natural Release supports muscle and joint care for better physical well-being. Great for Strains, Sprains, and general soft tissue wellness.

What is the Difference Between the Spray and the Gel?

Hi. This is Heath, Company VP. The only difference is the consistency. They contain the same formula and will work identically. However, Xanthan gum is added to create the gel form. Here is how I use them: In the morning I use the Gel on all my back, neck, knees and knuckles. It has a nice viscosity so it allows me to massage for a bit (never a bad thing). However, during the day I usually use the Spray. This is simply because it is faster to use and I don’t want to get gel on my shirt. I also carry both the Spray and Gel Sample Sizes in my workout bag and golf bag so I can do a quick rub before and after my workouts. It works wonders on my golfer’s shoulder.

Natural Release and woman with achy shoulder

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Dead Sea Magnesium (chloride) hydrate 55% vol, slow-steeped arnica, slow-steeped eucalyptus. Potassium salt (sorbate) and sodium benzoate added as natural preservatives – NOTE: Xanthan gum is added to create the gel form.

Directions for Use

Apply Liberally on sore or strained areas. Massage into skin. For lingering strains or chronic problems, reapply after 15 minutes and then whenever needed.
For chronic issues, there is often a cumulative benefit to using Natural Release aggressively for several days in a row.

Who is this For?

People of all ages will benefit, including athletes for stressed muscle, joint soreness, and bruising after workouts. Everyone will find relief from tendon strain, back/shoulder/knee/hip aches, and all general soft-tissue aches and pains. Yes, even night-cramps. (Works great on tweaked neck and back after a poor night’s sleep.)

NOTE: Dead Sea magnesium is a renowned muscle relaxant because it has the remarkable ability to “Transdermally” carry the active NATURAL RELEASE ingredients through the skin directly to the target area. (The additional ingredients: low-heat Steeped Arnica, aids with swelling and bruising, and steeped eucalyptus is a natural anti-inflammatory).

Pro Tip: Athletes, runners, and gym enthusiasts: NR is Great for a pre-workout to help limber muscle and joints – and then again after your workout to release stressed and inflamed muscles. (IE: Use before and after Leg Day workout! )

Pro Tip: Use before bed to alleviate night leg cramps. And use immediately upon active cramp.