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Everything you need to Know about Natural Release – For Humans

In this 2-minute video you will learn:

What Exactly is Natural Release Muscle & Joint

  • What is in it that makes it different
  • What does it do
  • Why it works.
  • Not menthol, no smell, no heat. Just Relief

Hey everybody!

This is Heath from Four Oaks Products, and today I want to talk to you about our latest product: Natural Release for humans. You may already be familiar with Natural Release for horses, but we’re excited to introduce its human version!

So, let’s dive right in and see what makes it special. Natural Release contains three all-natural ingredients. First up, we have Dead Sea Transdermal Magnesium. This ingredient is pretty cool because it’s a transdermal form of magnesium. You know how we all take magnesium supplements for leg cramps and muscle relaxation? Well, this transdermal form can actually penetrate the skin and reach deep into the tissues to release those tense muscles.

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But that’s not all! The second ingredient is arnica, and the third is eucalyptus. The Dead Sea Magnesium acts as a carrier, delivering the arnica and eucalyptus right to where they’re needed. This combination works wonders for reducing inflammation, making it great for bruises, joint inflammation, and those nagging aches in the neck, knees, and back.

Speaking of which, I personally use it on my knees and lower back every morning, and it makes a huge difference. It keeps that deep ache at bay and helps me get through the day pain-free.

I’ll be back with more videos that go into greater detail, but for now, that’s the lowdown on Natural Release for humans. Give it a try and have a fantastic day!
Cheers, Heath

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