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What you need to know about your liniment

What you need to know about your liniment


If you are using a liniment for stressed muscles and inflamed joints (ie: knees, back, shoulder, hands, etc.) you are likely doing one of two things:

  1. Using a rub that contains ingredients that you can’t pronounce, and which comes with a long list of disclaimers and warnings.
  2. Using one of the hundreds of over-the-counter rubs – all of which contain menthol. In essence, you could close your eyes and reach for any one of those products because they are all basically the same thing.

This is Heath, Four Oaks Products, VP. Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with menthol. When you apply it, it increases blood flow. That’s great… but what is it actually doing to the DEEP DOWN muscle and joint areas where the real problem is? Even though it feels tingly and hot, and smells like it must be doing…something… it really isn’t getting to the core of the problem.

This is why “NATURAL RELEASE Muscle and Joint” is different. First, let me start with the all-natural ingredients.  They are Dead Sea TRANSDERMAL Magnesium, Arnica, and Eucalyptus. Pretty simple, right? Notice that I capped the word Transdermal? This is important. We all know how important magnesium is. Most of us over-forty folks take a magnesium supplement to reduce leg cramping, soften and soothe the muscle, and help with our daily kinks and tweaks.  The Dead Sea Magnesium in Natural Release can permeate the skin (very few things on earth can do this). It gets into the DEEP tissue and does what magnesium does – release the muscle and soft tissue.

It is also a CARRIER. It carries the arnica and eucalyptus all the way DEEP.  This aids with bruising, pain, and inflammation, which is why it works so well with stiff, achy, joints.

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Runners, athletes, working folks, desk jockeys – anyone with stressed/strained/inflamed muscles and joints.

I will use myself to demonstrate. I’m an active 55+ guy. I ride horses, play golf, do 10-hour desk days, and 12-hour weekend days fixing fences and water lines on the Farm. My knees are going south, my back tweaks WAY too often. My shoulder clicks when I do my morning pushups, my legs and knees scream after hikes, my neck squawks at me if I don’t sleep just right, and arthritis in my hands is getting quite irritating.)All that said, I’m feeling my age. I use Natural Release on all these issues with incredible success. My knee pain goes away, the back strain lessens and I can forgo all the Advil I would otherwise need to take.

I’ve been using N.R. daily for almost nine years, starting back when my wife, Kathleen, created the original version of Natural Release for a horse that was sent to us at Four Oaks Farm Sport Horse Rehabilitation and Recovery Centre in Simi Valley CA. I won’t get into the origin story here (you can read about it in the About Section), except to say that Kathleen works with the top veterinarians in the country, and they were astounded that she was able to come up with a solution that helped that particular horse. They had deemed the elite horse unrideable until Kathleen did her thing. Now fast forward, Natural Release is sold worldwide. This website is specifically for the human label. All of Kathleen’s other horse, dog, and animal product creations are at www.fouroaksproducts.com.

Kathleen and Heath
At Four Oaks

The point is, Natural Release works.  There are times when I apply it on a new tweak or ache, and in ninety seconds look at Kathleen and say, “That is impossible. Literally impossible!” Yet, the pain is gone. Yes, even I am still astounded sometimes.

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A Side Note:
We have countless people using N.R. after hip and knee replacement. They report that N.R. doesn’t make it perfect, but it makes getting through the day (and Rehab) bearable, again, without having to take all the meds.

No. Not always. You can click over to the real-people testimonial page, however once again, I will share two quick personal stories. I think it’s important to tell my story because while of course, I’m a huge fan, it is also my job to make sure we don’t “sell” you with absurd claims. If it doesn’t work on something, I want you to know that – or at the very least, if I don’t know for sure, I will say, “I don’t know.” I do NOT like to be hard-sold, and I refuse to do that to others.

Anyway, back to my story.  The first happened a few months ago. I woke up with a horribly tweaked neck, literally unable to turn my head at all. The second case was a few days ago when arthritis in my hands flared out of control.  — In both cases, the first application…sort of… maybe… kind of… helped. I felt a difference, but it was far from the rapid change I have come to expect. I complained to my wife and she rolled her eyes. “Just keep using it,” she said.  So being the dutiful husband I applied every 30-45 minutes for a few hours. In both instances, it kept improving, until a few hours in, my neck had full mobility and while the neck “runner” was not 100% gone, it was certainly 90% – and the deep arthritis ache (and the lack of the ability to fully close my hand) was gone.

So, while we don’t claim NR to be magic, it does do some amazing work. We just have to know that in some cases it may take a little patience.  In fact, we normally tell people with chronic, long-term issues to use it aggressively for the first week, several times a day if possible. We find there is a cumulative effect. Some folks state, just like I did above, that the first few days are fine, but after 3-4 days they REALLY notice a change.

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One more personal experience. A while back I took a fall off a ladder and messed up my back. I instantly got out my N.R. and used it – and used it – and used it. Since I’ve become so used to it working so well and fast, I was… honestly…. disappointed. I complained to Kathleen about my back for a week. She finally insisted I go to a chiropractor. The Dr. did his thing, there was a huge POP/SNAP, and there was instant relief. I had a bone problem. Natural Release is not going to help that.

This taught me an important lesson when speaking with you folks here and on Facebook. The product is amazing… but it’s not magic. As much as I think it can, It’s not going to help everything. Actually, I will take that one step further. If you have been using NR for a week, and still don’t notice a significant difference, I am going to predict that the pain you are experiencing is skeletal, not soft tissue.

That’s all for me today. Please reach out with any questions. Contact numbers are in the Contact Section
Or visit us on Facebook. I’m the guy you will chat with. If you do call, please leave a message if we don’t pick up. We don’t have a call center because I personally want to help you with questions instead of sending you over to some backroom operator who is simply an order-taker and who doesn’t know anything about the products.

Cheers, and thanks for reading.

Heath Kizzier
Four Oaks Products, VP