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Nellie S

I love Natural Release! It is known as the “magic juice” at our house. I put it on my calves every night, and no more antsy legs! I also brought it with me to my chiropractic and a massage appointment, it was awesome to be used in my massage.

Jenise G

I use it regularly for my lower back and it works wonderfully. Also a bit applied before bed has helped me sleep better.

Tammy G

I just received this 2 days ago and let me tell you, it makes my back pain tolerable! I was in a bad accident in 2003 and had to have two rods in my right femur and hip. On top of that, I have RA Arthritis, and because of the accident my left hip deteriorated so badly that I had to have a hip replacement in 2020 and then major back surgery in 2021. I still had chronic pain daily. I received this and applied and it made such a big difference in my back pain! Thank you.

Laurie J.B.

I use this on my lower back before I go to bed and it helps so much. I have fibromyalgia and it helps with some of the nerve pain as well. Love this stuff

Tami B. V.

I have the spray and the gel and use both. My aches & pains are GONE!!!!This is NO KIDDING!!! I won’t be without it!

Anca P

I just received mine today. I tried it on my lower back and it gave me instant relief which lasted for about 6-7 hours. I played with my 26 years young Icelandic Queen for the first time without pain in my hips…I massaged it on her neck and hips too, just in case…I love your product!!! Thank you!

Lee S

I have to admit this product really works great.

Diana S

I tried this on back. It worked great. Much relief.

Terry M

I’m using the Natural Release Gel and it came with a sample size of the spray. I’ve had a bad mcl tendon tear on the inside of the knee for a couple of months. This stuff has helped tremendously! I’ve used arnica with DMSO but after getting this product I’ve only used it in the morning before work and at night when going to bed. It’s awesome, don’t let the simplicity of the ingredients fool you. I was skeptical too because I’ve used every roll-on or gel out there and this helps! I will be a repeat customer.

Jenise G

This is excellent for restless legs!!! Put it on my legs and within minutes they start to relax.

Catherine A. M.

Best ever! I Don’t leave the house without using it !! So glad I found this product. Thank you, Four Oaks.

Jessi W

As a bodyworker, this is by far the best topical I have ever used. Gets rid of the pain – it doesn’t just mask it. Pairing it with infrared is miraculous. Thank you so much for this incredible natural product!

Diane B

My husband gets Charlie horses but one night he jumped up with a golf ball sized knot behind his thigh. It was so painful he was in tears and couldn’t walk. Not knowing how to help I grabbed the NR and sprayed it heavy on the knot. In less than one minute, the knot released completely and he could walk again. Amazing stuff!!!

Dolores N

I use this product on myself. I don’t feel anything (no heat or smell) but In about 15 minutes I’m not hurting anymore. I even use it on the back of my neck when I start getting a headache.

Kitten K

This stuff is AMAZING. Works wonders for achy muscles after work, or riding.

Lisa N

Received my order last Thursday (and that’s ANOTHER plus … QUICK shipping/delivery!) I started using it immediately on my left shoulder ~ I have a partial tear of the rotator cuff and arthritis. Using consistently a.m. and p.m., and I can wholeheartedly say, I am able to function with a lot less pain – which has been absolutely excruciating! I’m SO impressed, happy, excited! (I’m hoping to put off surgery )
Then, last night, a change in the weather had my left knee aching (history of broken tibia and torn ACL after a stack of panels collapsed on me) so I got out of bed and applied the gel to my sore knee, and within several minutes, was able to get comfortable enough to get a good night’s sleep.
I’m the world’s biggest skeptic – thus my purchase of all sample sizes – but Heath was SUPER responsive, kind enough to call me immediately after I placed my order to issue a credit on shipping [as I’d placed two orders accidentally], and talked to me at length about application, and their various products. I am completely sold! This is the first time I’ve found a product that does exactly what it says it will do.
I’m a definite fan, and will be a loyal customer going forward!

109/22Kristi B.P.

Been using it a couple days now on my knees and it does help a lot. I’ve had both knees replaced so yes it does work and they do have a small spray bottle to try if you are on the fence like I was. I even got 3 peppermint candies which I thought was pretty cool.

Susan S

This stuff is amazing! I tried it on my back and the pain instantly disappeared all night. Worth every penny!


I bought one of your other products, and added on the small sample bundle with the Natural Release Gel. For months the sample bottle just sat there, but I saw it when I came limping in from yet another 12-hour shift in steel toed safety shoes during which I easily walk several miles a night. Usually by the 6-hour mark my feet feel like I ‘m walking on daggers. I decided I’d try some of the gel on my feet the next night, not really expecting much but figuring it couldn’t hurt.
Not only did my feet not hurt after 12 hours, they actually felt really good for most of the night. When I finally crashed at home after finishing my shift, feeding the horses, and riding, I stretched wrong, and experienced one of the worst muscle cramps I have ever had in my left thigh. (Should have had my pickle juice). I staggered my way onto the bathroom and slathered on the gel, and the cramps resolved in minutes. No amount of walking or massaging ever resolves those cramps in less than half an hour. Now, I’m back to buy more of the gel to keep at home. I don’t want to be without it again.

Lori B.

Used the gel on my elbow and it helped my tendinitis in a few days. It had been sore for weeks!

Patsy T

I use it on my shoulder, (had surgery in Nov), and on knees , (replacement on one) & on my back. Works as well as anything else I’ve tried. It wasn’t time for my meds yet and my shoulder was hurting. I tried it and got some relief. It helps my knees for stiffness. I can walk better. I will buy again. There is no odor,& doesn’t burn. It’s pleasant.

Ali T

I’ve had two ACL constructions and suffer from chronic arthritis. I bought this and started using it on my knee. It is the only thing that has helped dull the constant ache. It won’t fix it by any means, but it can certainly be added as a form of pain management.

Christine H

I have a few years old leg injury (took 8 months for the hole to close up pretty bad accident) to say the least I have nerve damage to my right lower thigh and knee area and that knee is now slightly larger than left. I get random spasms and throbbing ever since. It really helps…. I keep a bottle on my bathroom counter.


I was thrown from a horse last week and tore my MCL and bruised my hip and got hit with the saddle horn in my stomach. I tried this product and LOVE it. I was amazed at how well this stuff works. I have very sensitive skin and most products will cause me to break out (or turns my skin red) but I had no allergies to this product at all.
For my hip, it never bruised and the soreness was gone in a matter of 2 days of using the Natural Release. On my stomach, I had 2 very large nasty bruises that in a week have almost completely disappeared. The best part was my knee. My knee was hyperextended. The MCL has a mild tear. I started using the product on Monday and could not bear weight on my knee at all. My knee was so swollen that I could barely bend it. I started using the product every few hours. By my doctor’s appointment on Thursday, the doctor was impressed that there was almost no inflammation and it really only hurts if I stretch my leg out straight and flex my foot at the ankle. I’m wearing a knee brace for the next 6-8 weeks, but I’m not using the crutches and not having to hop like I was.

Annie M

I just starting using NR and I cannot tell you the difference. I’m so impressed! I was moving like the tin man this morning. I showered and applied NR everywhere! Now I’m climbing pens, jumping down from fence rails… like seriously! I could have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in medication’s IV Biologics for 10 years if I would’ve found your product first!

Colette Erickson

I love this stuff. Douse myself with it b4 I go to work.

Bonnie C

I sprayed on a hematoma on my hip and it has gone down a lot!

Holly G

I bought this and used it on my broken shoulder the past couple months – and now using it on my just-broke arm – post surgery – and it’s been incredible. Will have to update you after I heal fully but it has helped so much and has helped so much with swelling, pain, and bruising.

Christa M. K.

I’m a flight attendant. I got my order on Oct 31st used it @ 10pm and again at 7am, and then again later in the day. My knees now feel amazingly unreal GOOD. I’m gonna continue to use it as directed & see if this is really real. Lol. I haven’t had anything to cut the ongoing pain until I started using your product. It wasn’t immediate, but it did subside. I’m super excited to see how my feet & knee will feel after 30days. I’m still in shock that it worked just that amazingly QUICK.

Kim C:

Natural Release Spray is amazing. I have extremely tight IT bands to the point of not being able to cross my legs more than 30 seconds before they hurt and even feeling sore just while walking. I have been spraying and rubbing the Natural Release Spray on my thighs every morning which has made a huge difference and made me much more comfortable. All the way around Heath and Four Oaks Farm are the real deal, you won’t find anyone more genuine and caring.

Kerry L R.N

I use this since it helps me sleep, and it’s good after a long day working. I love this linament, especially on my legs and feet. I ordered 4 bottles to give to family.

Sabine B

I just received my bottle of gel & I am happy to report it actually worked right away taking my knee pain away. It was the first night in a long time I didn’t suffer from annoying knee pain!

Suzanne T.F.

Anybody battling neuropathy and low back pain, do try the gel for almost instant relief. I keep a couple small travel jars filled with it in several locations. Good stuff!!

Carol K

I have lower back problems & bone on bone knee to the point I can hardly walk very far without sitting! I saw this ad on Facebook & figured, “Well one more product to buy.”
Well just got it in the mail and OMG. When I got up this morning I walked normal for the 1st time with no limping. I’m amazed. I don’t know if this will continue but I’m using it at least 2x a day & will be buying more. Thank you so much!

Deb S

I am so grateful for your product. I thought it was anxiety because it didn’t seem like the restless leg syndrome I had as a child. One night I decided to try Quick Release, I use it on my ancient knees and it stops that pain! Low and behold, it solved whatever is going on with my legs and I was able to sleep. Been wanting to thank you again for this amazing product.

Whitney G

IT ABSOLUTELY WORKS!!! Ordered the gel to use on myself. 40+ yrs in the equine industry, well, ya know, breaks a body down. In 3days it was here, with a sample gift of the spray! Well let me just tell you, I have trauma screws in my hip from a horse fall 11-12 years ago so it’s safe to say arthritis has set in pretty good now. I take daily inflammation meds and pain meds and even then have it rough some nights trying to sleep because the good hip has to take all the brunt. Most nights I have to put a very high power Tens machine on them. Well by chance I decided to spray it on each hip an give it a rub just to see (not thinking it would be strong enough for my pain) OMG. I didn’t even wake up at all till morning time. Can I tell you I need to order a big bottle of this stuff!!!! LOVE IT IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT

Annie M B.

I use this all over myself and my kids, my grandson, and my dogs. My daughters have used it on their tummies when they are having monthly issues. One of my daughters was having an extreme flareup and was unable to move and was vomiting, headache, etc. I told her go put some of this on and to saturate her belly and rub. She was out of pain in 20 min! Amazing product! I cannot say enough good things about this product.

Trayce D

I absolutely love the stuff!! I have both the spray and gel.

Kristen D.C

I ordered 2 bottles of the spray, and I’m thinking I need to order the gel because it’s easier to apply on my achy spots, which I only know because they gifted a small btl to me in my order. I’ve tried many things since breaking my back almost 12 years ago. The pain never stops… but Natural Release… has actually given me some relief!! I love this product!!

Carolyn C

This stuff is a miracle, I decided to try rubbing it on my husband’s tummy. He has cancer and is doing treatments which make him throw up and his stomach muscles get so tight,… well it really works to relax them.

Sherry A

Fast shipping, amazing product! Put some gel on my wrist that has a plate and screws that was crushed several years ago and got relief in about 3 minutes. Will be ordering more for my husband’s worn out spine and for my bad knee. Wonderful products! Thank you for the mints, too!

Shel S

I tried a sample a while ago, put it on my tendinitis and it worked for my pain. So I bought a few bottles of the gel. A few of our employees with knee pain, and one had bruising from getting bit by a horse tried it. They were happy with how good it worked. This is a great product.

Christa M. K.

I’m a flight attendant. I got my order on Oct 31st used it @ 10pm and again at 7am, and then again later in the day. My knees now feel amazingly unreal GOOD. I’m gonna continue to use it as directed & see if this is really real. Lol. I haven’t had anything to cut the ongoing pain until I started using your product. It wasn’t immediate, but it did subside. I’m super excited to see how my feet & knee will feel after 30days. I’m still in shock that it worked just that amazingly QUICK.

Charlie M

Saw it…had to try it after reading reviews. Tried it on my arthritic 16 yr old dog with hip dysplasia and cushings. She became new dog within 30 minutes… haven’t seen her move her hind end as briskly for over a year… she even trotted a little and tried to play with my 1yr old, Lacy. On day two, after applying it, she actually “loped”, as she used to, to the barn. I recently had surgery on my hand and I have lost some dexterity, so decided to go for the gel… it not only helped with some of the discomfort, it has let me move my fingers a little further each day…I use the spray on my older dog twice a day…. and for me three times a day on my hand for now…and then rub the excess on my knees (and it does seem to help them too). I don’t think it’s just psychological…it really works. I’m sold.”

Dolores A. F.

My husband and I unloaded 80 bales of hay yesterday. He hurt an area on his calf and my knees were killing me. We rubbed some gel on both of us. Woke up no pain!

Barbara W. L.

My husband tried the gel sample on his arthritis knees and couldn’t believe how much it helped. He now has his own BIG bottle of gel!

Tally C

This product is amazing, especially if you rub in good. Such great relief.