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The Walmart Lady – A GREAT Story!

This is such a funny story!
This lady made my day. I’m Heath from Four Oaks Products, and I have another story to share with you. So, this happened a while back before Natural Release for humans was available. (We’ve had it for horses for ages).

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Anyway, I received a call from a lady who wasn’t really into horses, but one of her friends told her about our product. She wanted to know what it does, so I went into the whole explanation about its benefits and how it’s different from other options out there.

She then told me about her problem. She works at Walmart and has been dealing with trigger finger, tendonitis in her finger, and carpal tunnel in her wrist. We had a delightful conversation, and I decided to send her a sample of Natural Release. Time went by, and a few weeks later, I received a call from her.

She said, “Hey, I’m the Walmart lady! Remember me?” Of course, I did. She proceeded to tell me how incredible the sample worked for her finger. She got so excited about it that whenever anyone at Walmart complained about anything, she would rush over, apply Natural Release on them, and massage it into their backs. As a result, everyone became a fan of the product, and they all wanted their own. So, she organized a group order and ended up ordering a couple of cases!

I couldn’t help but laugh. It just goes to show the power of Natural Release. If you want to experience its wonders, visit naturalreleaseshop.com. Have a fantastic day!


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